What form of exercise works best for you?​

No single form of exercise works for everyone. That is the beauty of being an individual. Pilates is wonderful, amazing and fantastic but it is not always for everyone and the reason why I’ve studied many modalities. Yes, you will get a Pilates based program with me, but you will also get ‘Gems’ from all the wonderful movement options in my repertoire. If you want or need something and I cannot teach it, I’ll refer you to the best practitioner I know.

My work has a primary focus on A-bility. So very important and often forgotten. You may have an injury or pathology that restricts your movement and have gone as far as you can go in your current program. Together we look at possibilities and achievable goals. These can include Movement Therapy only or a combination of Remedial Massage and Movement Therapy and will always work on your gains and achievements.

And Yes. I do ask to see your homework.