What form of exercise works best for you?​

No single form of exercise works for everyone. That is the beauty of being an individual and the reason why I have more than one Movement Modality in my kit bag.

Yes, you will very likely get a Pilates based program from me as I have a studio full of Pilates equipment, but you will also get ‘Somatic Gems’ from all the wonderful Somatic movement options in my repertoire. If you want or need something I cannot teach, I will refer you to the best practitioner I know.

My work is deeply grounded in Somatic Movement practice with a strong focus on A-bility. So very important and often forgotten. You may have and injury or pathology that restricts your movement and have gone as far as you can go in your current program. Together we will look at possibilities and achievable goals. These can include Movement Therapy only or a combination of Remedial Massage and Movement Therapy, always with a focus on your needs and goals.

My work is inclusive. Encouraging everyone to participate. If you cannot get up and down from the floor, we modify. If you are limited in your ability, we find a way, together, to enable you. You are neither too young nor too old. The age range in my current client list ranges from 16 to 95.

What is Somatic Movement Therapy?​

Somatic Movement Therapy includes a diverse collection of movement practice that encourage the integration of the mind and body. Somatic practice will enable you to recognise the links, connections and processes occurring, between the physical and emotional self. Somatics includes the play of developmental movement, the exploration of sight, sound and taste and in the process, learning to recognise the communication between all parts of your body/mind.

Somatic Movement Therapy has been recognised as beneficial in managing physical and psychological trauma and stress. It is effective in relieving chronic pain and managing neurological conditions by integrating touch, movement and discussion with active movement and visualisations. It re-educates the neuromuscular system reducing trauma associated negative movement patterning and minimising or eliminating habitual physical responses. Jon Kabat Zinn describes the Somatic experience beautifully as ‘awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the moment, without judgement’.

Somatic practice is suitable for anyone willing to take the time to understand their body mind and is easily integrated into any other movement practice. Come and try Somatics with an open mind, curiosity and a willingness to learn.