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Pilates Floorwork Classes

These classes focus on technique with the aim to make any exercise in the Pilates repertoire within your ability, giving you enough modifications to manage any class delivered elsewhere.

The introduction of Somatic movement theory, developmental movement and fascial research enhances your learning. Programs evolve in response to the needs of the group, modifying movements and learning new ways to understand and appreciate how your body moves and its wonderful potential.

These classes will enable you to move onto any other Pilates class with the confidence you have the Fundamentals well within your control and are a pre requisite for attending Circuit Classes

​Pilates Based Rehabilition

Pilates Based rehabilitation incorporates Somatic modalities into Pilates repertoire using Pilates equipment and modified floorwork.

Applying the principles of Somatics this work is a sometimes hands on process of re-educating movement patterns that have become inefficient or problematic. It is a gentle approach to managing pain and chronic conditions exploring A-bility and developing resilience.

You learn to sense and shape your movement from within.

Somatic Movement

Somatic or Embodied movement is a meditative process with a focus on Body-Mind connections. Somatic Movement classes aim to bring conscious awareness to movement in day to day activities or dedicated practice: swimming, walking, running, stretch or other classes, Pilates, Yoga, gym and others.

Somatic Movement classes are developed from many years of meditation and movement practice and study, and based in the work of Movement Masters including but not limited to: Thomas Hanna, Judith Aston, Moshe Feldenkrais, Ilse Meddendorf, Ida Rolf, Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen, Irmgard Bartinieff and Peggy Hackney, F.M. Alexander, Juliu Horvarth and many others.

In these Somatic Movement classes, we explore potential, observe movement limitations and explore the expansion of opportunities. You will learn to take time to observe and listen to your body, you will become aware of stress triggers and learn practical tools to help you manage day to day stressors.


GYROKINESIS ® Method is a movement modality developed by dancer, Juliu Horvath, after severe injury and became a significant influence in his rehabilitation journey.

GYROKINESIS ® method has a strong focus on breath patterning and encourages functional strength through flowing movement sequences offering similar benefits also derived from Yoga, Tai Chi, Gymnastics and Dance. It works the ‘Entire’ body in flowing movements of flexion, extension and rotation, stimulating the nervous system and improving range of movement, flexibility and core stability. It is movement of Pandiculation as adverse to standard stretching, encouraging a more Somatic response to changes in muscle, fascia and neurological systems.

In these classes you will explore and develop your flexibility, strength and stability in dance like patterns.

GYROKINESIS ® Method is a registered trademark of GYROTONIC ® Sales Corp and is used with their permission

​Circuit Classes

Circuit classes have undergone a complete transformation as we cannot now regularly move from station to station without detailed sanitation processes and cannot have more than three people in the space (2 plus your instructor) due to available space.

There are no longer 8 people having a few minutes on each piece of equipment.

Now there are 2 attendees face to face doing a complete session on 1-2 pieces of equipment.

These classes now run on a rotating roster with two participants face to face using equipment and the remainder doing supervised floorwork with small apparatus at home on Zoom.

Experience in Beginners/Introductory Pilates floorwork and the use of Pilates equipment is essential to ensure your Health and Safety and that of other participants.

Private Lessons or attendance in Pilates Preparation is required PRIOR to attending these classes to assess your ability and provide you with the most appropriate program.

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