Flexibility. Strength. Endurance

Cancellation Policy

While ‘Life issues’ are acknowledged.
24 hours notice of cancellation is required or a full session fee will apply.


All classes (8-10 participants) now run on Zoom.

There is availability for two participants to attend face to face in Circuit classes.

Casual attendance $30
Weekly per lesson $25

Classes Packages

5x paid in advance $123
10x paid in advance $240
(families/multi x week)
20x paidin advance $470
(on application)

Remedial Massage (60 min) $120
3x Remedial Message $315


Cancellations While ‘Life Issues’ are acknowledged, 24 hours notice of cancellation is required or full session fee will apply. 4 Hours Absolute Minimum notice.

Payment by:
Cash, direct deposit to account or Paypal.
NO EFTPOS facilities.

Expiry of Advance payments
10x 20x Movement Lessons/Classes 4 months
5x Duo/Trio Movement Lessons 2 months
3x Remedial Massage 4 months

Personal Programs and Remedial Massage

Personal Programs are offered face to face and via Zoom if you cannot make a face to face lesson.

Assessment and program preparation $200
Program lesson $150
Total: $350

Reports pro rata hourly rate $100

Private lesson (45 min) $140

3x Private lessons $405

Duo/Trio lesson (50min) $60
5x Duo/Trio lessons $255
10x Duo/Trio $500
(families/multi x week)